Searching for Vedic India

Devāmrita Swami


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Deep in lost history, did high civilizations and advanced knowledge thrive? The ancient Vedic literature of India describes a worldwide civilization that flourished at a time when modern historians insist that modern humans existed simply as hunter-gatherers. This Vedic civilization, centered in India, employed technologies based on a scientific under­standing of the physical elements and forces as well as more subtle conscious elements.

Devamrita Swami, who has spent a lifetime in his own search for Vedic India, takes us on a journey of intellectual discovery through the history of the remarkable Vedic civilization and its knowledge, locked in the ancient literature of India. His wit and wisdom combine to make our search for Vedic India both illuminating and entertaining. He tells us not only the truths of Vedic India but how they are again coming to be. Searching for Vedic India thus takes us not only into the past but into the future.