Readings in Vedic Literature

The Tradition Speaks for Itself

Satsvarūpa Dāsa Goswami


4.99 EUR


Satsvarūpa dāsa Goswami’s Readings in Vedic Literature provides a first-hand experience of India’s timeless wisdom. Along with concise introductory essays, the book includes the entire Bhagavad-gītā along with illuminating excerpts from the Purāṇas and Upaniṣads. In this way the reader can discover the tradition for him- or herself.

“Readers, be of good cheer. To those of you who have surveyed in confusion the trackless path of Indian philosophy, this volume offers hope and respite. You are holding in your hands a reasonable and highly readable account of the particulars of Vedic thought.... Read and find enlightenment.” (Professor Jerry Clack Dept. of Classics Duquesne University)

“I am impressed by Satsvarupa dasa Goswami’s presentation. His initial chapter is one of the best statements available on the importance of the guru in transmitting spiritual knowledge.” (Dr. Thomas Hopkins Dept. of Religious Studies Franklin and Marshall College)