Purchasing single-use codes

Affiliates can purchase from BBTmedia.com, at a wholesale price, single-use codes for any product or product bundle sold at BBTmedia.com.

These codes can then be sold to your customers, who can use them to redeem their product. Only the individual a code is sold to can use this code; single-use codes cannot be shared.

Here are some advantages of purchasing single-use codes:

  • If you’re selling BBT digital products offline, you can turn them into QR codes and print them on business cards or flyers, etc. Once a sale is made, customers can scan and redeem their product instantly, or redeem it later, as they like.

  • Single-use codes are useful when selling digital books online because they can easily be sent out to customers by email or other type of online messaging.

  • Single-use codes can be purchased to distribute to selected recipients as coupons, such as donors, conference or seminar attendees, or other groups of customers, such as students or another specific group. This allows you to deal exclusively with a targeted group, separate from the rest of your affiliate sales. For example, it would allow you to offer discounts exclusively to new customers, or exclusively to your regular customers, but not to everyone.

Single-use codes can help you make sales by running temporary discounts or sales for targeted audiences, but they should not be used exclusively to undercut retail prices set at BBTmedia.com. We reserve the right to limit the number of single-use codes any affiliate may purchase if the codes are used in ways BBTmedia.com does not intend.

Please note: Because single-use codes are sold to you at a wholesale price, they are not considered qualifying purchases and therefore do not earn commissions.

You can purchase single-use codes here.