Ramayana: India’s Immortal Tale of Adventure, Love, and Wisdom

Кеннет Андерсон
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Ramayana ranks as one of the most loved and revered books of all time. Originally written as an epic poem in ancient India, it is a sweeping story of romance and adventure recounting the history of Rama, an incarnation of the Godhead, and his divine consort Sita. Its magic and mysticism, tragedy and reconciliation, will entrance the reader and stir deep emotion. At the same time, its profound spiritual message will leave one feeling uplifted and enriched. This is an adapted retelling of the classic. It contains all the essential narrative of the original Sanskrit poem written in a contemporary style. Weaving spiritual commentaries into his adaptation, the author has also offered the reader a glimpse into the wisdom of India’s ancient sages – wisdom as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago.

Об авторе 

Krišna Dharma začal svou spisovatelskou kariéru převyprávěním starobylé ságy Rámájana (1998, Torchlight Publishing). Rámájana, která je chválena jako „strhující dobrodružství a dílo hluboké filozofie, které nabízí odpovědi na nejhlubší otázky života“, je také krásný příběh plný romantiky a velkého dobrodružství.