The Way of the Great Departure

Sacinandana Swami

In the fall of 1997 Sacinandana Swami took a pilgrimage from Germany to the top of the world to walk “the way of the great departure” – a quest to die to the ego and find a more authentic self. Starting in Haridwar and tracing the Ganges up through the Himalayas to the snowbound town of Badrinath, he meets beggars and temple priests, watchful deities and cave yogis. His adventures draw him from the outer path to the inner, where he comes face to face with the need for simplicity and transformation.

The author 

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Sacinandana Swami has studied spirituality from old world spiritual traditions to modern psychology with a focus on the Vedic tradition. He is a popular retreat and seminar leader and the author of an increasing library of books.